Probate Documents 1526-1734

Guidance for Use

The documents are organised alphabetically by surname, then first name.
This is followed by a letter which denotes the type of document:

      • W - Will
      • I – Inventory
      • Acct – Account
      • Ad/Admin – Administration
      • B/Bd – Bond
      • Comm – Commission

Click on View/Download to open the document
The documents are all in PDF format and cannot be changed
They may be printed for your own use
The documents have been transcribed from the originals by a volunteer group of residents and are therefore copyrighted to the Heritage Centre in Churchill
Hard copies of these transcribed documents, together with photocopies of the originals are located in the Village Hall
The originals can be found in The Oxford History Centre or The National Archives at Kew

Date Surname Forname Type Place  
 1607 Adderton alias Rafe Joane W Churchill  View/Download
 1621 Adderton alias Raffe William I Churchill  View/Download
 1621 Adderton alias Raffe William W Churchill  View/Download
 1627 Adderton alias Ralfe John Acct Churchill  View/Download
 1627 Adderton alias Ralfe John Bd Churchill  View/Download
 1627 Adderton alias Ralfe John I Churchill  View/Download
 1627 Adderton alias Ralphe John Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1602 Adderton alias Ralphe John W Churchill  View/Download
 1613 Adderton alias Ralphe William  I Churchill  View/Download
 1613 Adderton alias Ralphe William W Churchill  View/Download
 1649 Adderton Elizabeth I Churchill  View/Download
 1649 Adderton Elizabeth W Churchill  View/Download
 1559 Adderton Raffe W(1) Churchill  View/Download
 1559 Adderton Raffe W(2) Churchil  View/Download
 1556 Adderton Raffe W(1) Churchill  View/Download
 1556 Adderton Raffe W Churchill  View/Download
 1676 Alder Richard I Churchill  View/Download
 1676 Alder Richard W Churchill  View/Download
 1673 Ashby John Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1673 Ashby John I Churchill  View/Download
 1567 Atherton Christian W(1) Churchill  View/Download
 1567 Atherton Christian W Churchill  View/Download
 1601 Baguley Richard Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1691 Barrett John I Churchill  View/Download
 1691 Barrett John W Churchill  View/Download
 1576 Bawson Margaret W(1) Churchill  View/Download
 1576 Bawson Margaret W Churchill  View/Download
 1581 Beaman Amy W(1) Churchill  View/Download
 1597 Beaman William W Churchill  View/Download
 1680 Beard Sen. Thomas W Sarsden  View/Download
 1661 Beard Elizabeth I Sarsden  View/Download
 1661 Beard Elizabeth W Sarsden  View/Download
 1607 Beard John W Sarsden  View/Download
 1669 Beard John I Churchill  View/Download
 1615 Beard Nicholas Admin Sarsden  View/Download
 1615 Beard Nicholas I Sarsden  View/Download
 1599 Beard Robert W(1) Sarsden  View/Download
 1599 Beard Robert W Sarsden  View/Download
 1630 Beard Thomas W Sarsden  View/Download
 1589 Beard William I(2) Churchill  View/Download
 1589 Beard William I Churchill  View/Download
 1589 Beard William W Churchill  View/Download
 1701 Beard William (Junior) I Sarsden  View/Download
 1701 Beard William (Junior) W Sarsden  View/Download
 1628 Beard William W Sarsden  View/Download
 1671 Beard William Admin Sarsden  View/Download
 1671 Beard William B Sarsden  View/Download
 1671 Beard William I Sarsden  View/Download
 1721 Beard William I Sarsden View/Download
 1721 Beard William W Sarsden  View/Download
 1590 Bennett Thomas I Sarsden  View/Download
 1590 Bennett Thomas W Sarsden  View/Download
 1638 Beoman John I Churchill  View/Download
 1638 Beoman John W Churchill  View/Download
 1718 Billet John Adm Churchill  View/Download
 1718 Billet John I Churchill  View/Download
 1718 Billett John B Churchill  View/Download
 1693 Birdsey John I Churchill  View/Download
 1693 Birdsey John W Churchill  View/Download
 1698 Birdsey John I Churchill  View/Download
 1698 Birdsey John W Churchill  View/Download
 1698 Birdseye Barbara I Churchill  View/Download
 1698 Birdseye Barbara W Churchill  View/Download
 1581 Borne Dorothy  Dame W Holt, Worcs  View/Download
 1697 Borton William I Sarsden  View/Download
 1697 Borton William W Sarsden  View/Download
 1619 Bould William W Churchill  View/Download
 1653 Bourne Dorothy W Worcs  View/Download
 1575 Bourne Sir John W None given  View/Download
 1583 Bower Humphrey W Churchill  View/Download
 1704 Bowld William I Sarsden  View/Download
 1704 Bowles William Adm Sarsden  View/Download
 1704 Bowles William B Sarsden  View/Download
 1631 Box Robert W Churchill  View/Download
 1557 Box Elizabeth W Churchill  View/Download
 1721 Box John Senior B Churchill  View/Download
 1721 Box John Senior Adm Churchill  View/Download
 1552 Boxe Margerie Ad Sarsden  View/Download
 1552 Box Margerie Admon Churchill  View/Download
 1593 Box Richard Ad Churchill  View/Download
 1683 Box Richard Acct Churchill  View/Download
 1683 Box Richard Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1683 Box Richard B Churchill  View/Download
 1683 Box Richard I Churchill  View/Download
 1557 Box William Bond Churchill  View/Download
 1557 Box William W Churchill  View/Download
 1665 Box William I Churchill  View/Download
 1667 Box William Ad Sarsden  View/Download
 1667 Box William Bd Sarsden  View/Download
 1634 Boxe John W Churchill  View/Download
 1568 Bradshaw John W Sarsden  View/Download
 1612 Bradshaw John Admin Sarsden  View/Download
 1556 Bradshaw Robert W Sarsden&Churchill  View/Download
 1670 Brangman Anne I Churchill  View/Download
 1670 Brangman Anne W Churchill  View/Download
 1666 Brangman William Bd Churchill  View/Download
 1666 Brangman William I Churchill  View/Download
 1632 Brayne Richard (Sen) I Churchill  View/Download
 1632 Brayne Richard (Sen) Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1663 Brayne Joane I Churchill  View/Download
 1663 Brayne Joane W Churchill  View/Download
 1653 Brayne Richard W Churchill  View/Download
 1632 Bridge John I Churchill  View/Download
 1632 Bridge John W Churchill  View/Download
 1582 Bridges Henry W Churchill  View/Download
 1674 Bridges Amy I Churchill  View/Download
 1674 Bridges Amy W Churchill  View/Download
 1694 Bridges Elizabeth I Churchill  View/Download
 1694 Bridges Henry I Churchill  View/Download
 1694 Bridges Henry W Churchill  View/Download
 1697 Bridges John Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1697 Bridges John B Churchill  View/Download
 1697 Bridges John I Churchill  View/Download
 1669 Bridges Thomas I Churchill  View/Download
 1669 Bridges Thomas Ad Churchill  View/Download
 1669 Bridges Thomas Bd Churchill  View/Download
 1669 Bridges Thomas Acct Churchill  View/Download
 1658 Bridges William W Churchill  View/Download
 1721 Brooks William W Churchill  View/Download
 1728 Browne  John W Churchill  View/Download
 1530 Bryge William W Churchill  View/Download
 1573 Bud Anne W Churchill  View/Download
 1704 Busby Hannah  I Churchill  View/Download
 1704 Busby Hannah W Churchill  View/Download
 1710 Butterworth James W Churchill  View/Download
 1604 Byshopp Bonnie Admin Sarsden  View/Download
 1591 Carpenter William W Churchill  View/Download
 1597 Carpenter Ales I Churchill  View/Download
 1597 Carpenter Ales W Churchill  View/Download
 1633 Carpenter alias Hall John Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1557 Carpenter John W Churchill  View/Download
 1562 Carpenter Thomas W Churchill  View/Download
 1722 Carter Joyce W Sarsden  View/Download
 1703 Carter William B Churchill  View/Download
 1703 Carter William I Churchill  View/Download
 1556 Castell John W Churchill  View/Download
 1695 Castell Robert I Churchill  View/Download
 1695 Castell Robert W Churchill  View/Download
 1672 Chamberlaine Edward Admin Sarsden  View/Download
 1672 Chamberlaine Edward Bond Sarsden  View/Download
 1672 Chamberlaine Edward I Sarsden  View/Download
 1634 Clapton John I Sarsden  View/Download
 1634 Clapton John W Sarsden  View/Download
 1644 Clapton Mary I Sarsden  View/Download
 1644 Clapton Mary W Sarsden  View/Download
 1583 Clapton Robert I Sarsden  View/Download
 1583 Clapton Robert Bond Sarsden  View/Download
 1628 Clapton Ursulaye I Churchill  View/Download
 1628 Clapttone Ursulaye W Churchill  View/Download
 1553 Clerke William W Churchill  View/Download
 1582 Coles Alice W Churchill  View/Download
 1594 Coles Matthew W Churchill  View/Download
 1611 Collines Anthony Admin Sarsden  View/Download
 1611 Collines Anthony I Sarsden  View/Download
 1608 Collins Agnes W Sarsden  View/Download
 1629 Collins Francis I Sarsden  View/Download
 1629 Collins Francis W Sarsden  View/Download
 1561 Collyns John W Churchill  View/Download
 1556 Constable Thomas Bond Sarsden  View/Download
 1557 Constable Thomas Ad Sarsden  View/Download
 1613 Cooke Edmund I Sarsden  View/Download
 1613 Cooke Edmund W Sarsden  View/Download
 1597 Cooles Ales Ad Churchill  View/Download
 1597 Cooles Ales I Churchill  View/Download
 1570 Cowles John W Churchill  View/Download
 1661 Cowling John W Churchill  View/Download
 1661 Cowling John I Churchill  View/Download
 1661 Cowling John Ad Churchill  View/Download
 1661 Cowling John Bd Churchill  View/Download
 1695 Darby Phillip W Sarsden  View/Download
 1670 Davies Robert I Churchill  View/Download
 1670 Davies Robert W Churchill  View/Download
 1556 Denes William W Churchill  View/Download
 1729 Derring Charles Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1729 Derring Charles B Churchill  View/Download
 1598 Dines John W Sarsden  View/Download
 1719 Diston Giles W Churchill  View/Download
 1648 Dodford George W Churchill  View/Download
 1721 Dodford Mary W Churchill  View/Download
 1643 Dynes Thomas Ad Sarsden  View/Download
 1682 Ellins Anne I Churchill   View/Download
 1682 Ellins Anne W Churchill  View/Download
 1574 Epwell John W Churchill  View/Download
 1559 Evens John W Churchill  View/Download
 1555 Everton Nicholas W Churchill   View/Download
 1722 Freeman Amy W Churchill   View/Download
 1721 Freeman Richard Ren Churchill  View/Download
 1721 Freeman Richard I Churchill   View/Download
 1721 Freeman Richard  Adm Churchill  View/Download
 1721 Freeman Richard Bd Churchill   View/Download
 1717 Gardiner William W Churchill   View/Download
 1600 Gatt Alice W Churchill    View/Download
 1606 Geeves Ewins I Churchill    View/Download
 1618 Geeves Elizabeth W Churchill   View/Download
 1619 Gostwicke John W Churchill   View/Download
 1629 Gostwicke Judith I Churchill   View/Download
 1629 Gostwicke Judith W Churchill   View/Download
 1597 Graye Robert W Churchill   View/Download
 1731 Griffin John W Sarsden  View/Download
 1595 Gyles Nicholas W Sarsden  View/Download
 1573 Gyves Margerie W Churchill  View/Download
 1638 Hacker Thomas W Churchill  View/Download
 1596 Hacker Bartholomew W Churchill  View/Download
 1615 Hacker Dorothy I Churchill   View/Download
 1615 Hacker  Dorothy W Churchill  View/Download
 1612 Hacker  John W Churchill  View/Download
 1612 Hacker John I Churchill  View/Download
 1640 Hacker John W Churchill  View/Download
 1640 Hacker John I Churchill   View/Download
 1694 Hacker  John Senior Comm Churchill  View/Download
 1694 Hacker  John Senior I Churchill   View/Download
 1694 Hacker John Senior W Churchill   View/Download
 1701 Hacker Mary I Churchill   View/Download
 1701 Hacker Mary W Churchill   View/Download
 1679 Hacker  Thomas Senior W Churchill   View/Download
 1679 Hacker Thomas Senior I Churchill   View/Download
 1633 Hall alias Carpenter John I Churchill  View/Download
 1612 Hall alias Smith John Admin Sarsden   View/Download
 1548 Hall Edward W Sarsden   View/Download
 1663 Hall  John Bd Sarsden   View/Download
 1663 Hall  John I Sarsden   View/Download
 1688 Hancks Henry I Churchill   View/Download
 1688 Hancks Henry W Churchill   View/Download
 1729 Hancock Richard W Idbury & Sarsden  View/Download
 1546 Harres John W Churchill   View/Download
 1693 Harris George I Sarsden  View/Download
 1693 Harris  George W Sarsden  View/Download
 1665 Harris  Giles Ad Churchill   View/Download
 1665 Harris Giles Bd Churchill  View/Download
 1676 Harris  Giles Bd Churchill   View/Download
 1676 Harris Giles Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1622 Harris  John W Sarsden  View/Download
 1728 Harris  Mary W Churchill   View/Download
 1592 Harris  Symond W Sarsden  View/Download
 1639 Harris Thomas I Sarsden  View/Download
 1639 Harris Thomas W Sarsden  View/Download
 1731 Harvey John W Churchill    View/Download
 1672 Harvey  John Senior I Churchill    View/Download
 1672 Harvey  John Senior W Churchill   View/Download
 1714 Harvey Peter I Churchill   View/Download
 1714 Harvey  Peter W Churchill    View/Download
 1608 Harvie Peter W Churchill    View/Download
 1650 Haselwood Francis I Sarsden   View/Download
 1650 Haselwood Francis W Sarsden   View/Download
 1686 Haynes John Admin Churchill   View/Download
 1686 Haynes John I Churchill    View/Download
 1671 Heminge Martha I Churchill     View/Download
 1671 Heminge Martha W Churchill    View/Download
 1661 Heminge Thomas I Churchill    View/Download
 1660 Heminge Thomas W Churchill    View/Download
 1610 Hewes Anne I Sarsden  View/Download
 1619 Hewes Anne W Sarsden  View/Download
 1613 Hewes James I Sarsden  View/Download
 1613 Hewes James W Sarsden  View/Download
 1545 Hiett Laurence W Churchill    View/Download
 1673 Hix Thomas W Churchill    View/Download
 1553 Horne Edmund W Sarsden  View/Download
 1526 Horne John W Churchill    View/Download
 1715 Horseman Jeremiah W Churchill    View/Download
 1671 Horsman George I Churchill    View/Download
 1671 Horsman George W Churchill    View/Download
 1671 Horsman John I Churchill    View/Download
 1671 Horsman John W Churchill    View/Download
 1562 Huckham John W Churchill    View/Download
 1607 Hughes Richard W Churchill    View/Download
 1557 Humfrey Edward W Churchill    View/Download
 1621 Hunt Christopher W Churchill    View/Download
 1621 Hunt Christopher I Churchill    View/Download
 1729 Hutt Simon Adm Churchill    View/Download
 1729 Hutt Simon W Churchill    View/Download
 1628 Hyett Elizabeth D of G Sarsden  View/Download
 1622 Jefrey Robert I Churchill     View/Download
 1622 Jefrey Robert W Churchill    View/Download
 1669 Jett John I Churchill     View/Download
 1669 Jett John W Churchill     View/Download
 1621 Jett John Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1560 Jevys John W Churchill     View/Download
 1640 Joyner Gilbert W Churchill     View/Download
 1675 Joyner William Senior W Churchill     View/Download
 1695 Joyner  William I Churchill     View/Download
 1695 Joyner William W Churchill    View/Download
 1675 Joyner William Senior I Churchill    View/Download
 1568 Judge William W Churchill     View/Download
 1601 Kerrie Joane Admin Churchill     View/Download
 1601 Kerrie Joane Bd Churchill    View/Download
 1599 Kerry William Ad Churchill     View/Download
 1599 Kerry William Bd Churchill    View/Download
 1579 Kyrrie William W Churchill    View/Download
 1665 Lee Francis I Churchill   View/Download
 1665 Lee Francis Ad Churchill    View/Download
 1665 Lee Francis Bd Churchill   View/Download
 1599 Lovedaye Catherine W Churchill   View/Download
 1606 Lucas Peter I Churchill    View/Download
 1569 Lucas Richard W Churchill    View/Download
 1719 Lucas Richard W Churchill   View/Download
 1694 Lucas  Richard Senior I Churchill   View/Download
 1694 Lucas Richard Senior W Churchill   View/Download
 1618 Lucas William I Churchill   View/Download
 1618 Lucas William W Churchill   View/Download
 1637 Medcraft Friswide I Churchill    View/Download
 1637 Medcraft Friswide W Churchill   View/Download
 1700 Medcraft John I Churchill   View/Download
 1700 Medcraft John Adm Churchill    View/Download
 1689 Medcraft  William Senior I Churchill    View/Download
 1689 Medcraft William Senior W Churchill    View/Download
 1700 Medcroft  John Bd Churchill   View/Download
 1625 Medcroft  Roger I Churchill    View/Download
 1625 Medcroft Roger W Churchill   View/Download
 1693 Medcroft Roger I Churchill   View/Download
 1693 Medcroft Roger W Churchill    View/Download
 1600 Midcraft  Henry I Churchill   View/Download
 1600 Midcraft Henry W Churchill   View/Download
 1649 Minchen Peter I Churchill   View/Download
 1649 Minchen Peter W Churchill    View/Download
 1623 Minchin Alice I Churchill   View/Download
 1591 Minchin  William W Churchill   View/Download
 1623 Minchin  Alice Bd Churchill   View/Download
 1670 Minchin  Elizabeth I Churchill   View/Download
 1670 Minchin  Elizabeth W Churchill   View/Download
 1669 Minchin Mary I Churchill   View/Download
 1669 Minchin  Mary W Churchill   View/Download
 1558 Minchin Peter W Churchill    View/Download
 1583 Minchin  Thomas W Churchill    View/Download
 1669 Minchin  Thomas I Churchill   View/Download
 1669 Minchin  Thomas W Churchill   View/Download
 1598 Minchin  William I Churchill   View/Download
 1598 Minchin  William W Churchill   View/Download
 1602 Minchin  William I Churchill   View/Download
 1602 Minchin  William W Churchill   View/Download
 1591 Mollington Alice W Churchill   View/Download
 1662 Morecroft George I Churchill    View/Download
 1662 Morecroft George W Churchill    View/Download
 1648 Morton Joane W Sarsden Lodge  View/Download
 1648 Morton Joane I Sarsden Lodge   View/Download
 1628 Morton Simon I Sarsden Lodge   View/Download
 1628 Morton Simon W Sarsden Lodge  View/Download
 1585 Mullington Morris W Churchill   View/Download
 1600 Mullington  William W Churchill   View/Download
 1664 Mullington  Joane I Churchill   View/Download
 1664 Mullington  Joane W Churchill   View/Download
 1623 Mullington  Thomas Bd Churchill   View/Download
 1623 Mullington  Thomas I Churchill   View/Download
 1681 Mullington  Thomas Comm Churchill   View/Download
 1681 Mullington  Thomas I Churchill    View/Download
 1681 Mullington Thomas W Churchill   View/Download
 1660 Mullington  William I Churchill   View/Download
 1664 Mullington  William Ad  Churchill   View/Download
 1664 Mullington  William Bd Churchill    View/Download
 1568 Myddleton Alice W Sarsden  View/Download
 1555 Myddleton John W Sarsden  View/Download
 1554 Mynchen Agnes Ad Churchill    View/Download
 1557 Mynchen John W Churchill    View/Download
 1554 Mynchyn William W Churchill    View/Download
 1679 Nash Henry Admin Churchill     View/Download
 1679 Nash Henry Bd Churchill     View/Download
 1679 Nash Henry I Churchill     View/Download
 1546 Nashe Thomas W Churchill    View/Download
 1606 Norton Walter W Churchill    View/Download
 1695 Norton Walter I Churchill     View/Download
 1695 Norton Walter W Churchill    View/Download
 1591 Odoms Henry I Churchill    View/Download
 1591 Odoms Henry W Churchill     View/Download
 1606 Parker Richard Admin(1) Churchill      View/Download
 1606 Parker Richard Admin Churchill     View/Download
 1606 Parker Richard I Churchill      View/Download
 1728 Payne Robert W Churchill      View/Download
 1656 Pearce Johane W Churchill      View/Download
 1575 Pearce William W Churchill     View/Download
 1593 Pearse Ellin W Churchill      View/Download
 1583 Potter George W(1) Churchill      View/Download
 1583 Potter George W Churchill      View/Download
 1683 Prise Robert I(1) Churchill      View/Download
 1683 Prise Robert I Churchill      View/Download
 1683 Prise Robert W(1) Churchill     View/Download
 1683 Prise Robert W Churchill     View/Download
 1629 Pritchard William I Churchill     View/Download
 1627 Rawlings Samson I Sarsden    View/Download
 1627 Rawlings Samson W Sarsden  View/Download
 1585 Rawlins John W Sarsden   View/Download
 1669 Rawlins John W Sarsden   View/Download
 1696 Reeve Thomas I Churchill     View/Download
 1696 Reeve Thomas W Churchill      View/Download
 1551 Rithon Sir Robert W Churchill     View/Download
 1728 Robinson Thomas W Churchill      View/Download
 1613 Rowland Thomas W Churchill      View/Download
 1613 Rowland Thomas I Sarsden    View/Download
 1579 Rychardes Thomas W Churchill     View/Download
 1589 Samson Marian W Sarsden  View/Download
 1548 Samson Richard W Sarsden   View/Download
 1609 Samson Richard W Sarsden   View/Download
 1609 Samson Richard I Sarsden    View/Download
 1544 Sawcombe William W Churchill     View/Download
 1615 Seely Lawrence W Churchill      View/Download
 1615 Seely Lawrence I Churchill     View/Download
 1654 Sessions John W Churchill     View/Download
 1633 Sheller Austine I Sarsden    View/Download
 1633 Sheller Austine W Sarsden   View/Download
 1700 Sherly Ann I Sarsden    View/Download
 1700 Sherly Ann W Sarsden    View/Download
 1585 Sherlye Thomas W Churchill      View/Download
 1714 Shirley John W Sarsden    View/Download
 1607 Shurley Thomas I Churchill     View/Download
 1607 Shurley Thomas W Churchill     View/Download
 1661 Shurlie Thomas W Churchill    View/Download
 1661 Shurlie Thomas Senior I  Churchill    View/Download
 1612 Smith alias Hall John Bd Churchill     View/Download
 1676 Smith John I Churchill     View/Download
 1676 Smith John W Churchill    View/Download
 1612 Smith alias Hawle John I Churchill     View/Download
 1608 Smyth Alice Admin Sarsden   View/Download
 1608 Smyth Alice Bd Sarsden  View/Download
 1608 Smyth Alice I Sarsden  View/Download
 1627 Spenser Richard Admin Churchill    View/Download
 1627 Spenser Richard Bd Churchill    View/Download
 1627 Spenser Richard I Churchill    View/Download
 1690 Spurrier Thomas I Churchill    View/Download
 1690 Spurrier Thomas W Churchill    View/Download
 1722 Steile Leonard W Sarsden  View/Download
 1652 Tappan John W Churchill     View/Download
 1617 Tappan Clement W Churchill    View/Download
 1698 Tappan  Michael W Churchill    View/Download
 1631 Tappan Phillip W Churchill    View/Download
 1604 Tappan Robert I Churchill     View/Download
 1558 Tappane John W Churchill    View/Download
 1604 Tappen Robert W Churchill     View/Download
 1617 Tappin Clement W Churchill     View/Download
 1698 Tappin Michael I Churchill     View/Download
 1677 Tappine  Jane I Churchill     View/Download
 1677 Tappine Jane W Churchill    View/Download
 1603 Teinton Richard I Sarsden Lodge  View/Download
 1603 Teinton Richard W Sarsden Lodge  View/Download
 1709 Tidmarsh William W Sarsden  View/Download
 1661 Truman Henry I Churchill     View/Download
 1661 Truman  Henry  Admin Churchill    View/Download
 1661 Truman Henry  Bd Churchill    View/Download
 1707 Walter Ann W Churchill  View/Download
 1691 Walter Dame Elizabeth Admin Sarsden   View/Download
 1691 Walter  Dame Elizabeth Admin (Copy) Sarsden   View/Download
 1691 Walter  Dame Elizabeth Bd Sarsden  View/Download
 1691 Walter  Dame Elizabeth Comm Sarsden   View/Download
 1691 Walter Dame Elizabeth Comm (Copy) Sarsden   View/Download
 1723 Walter  John Baronett W Sarsden   View/Download
 1640 Walter  Richard W Churchill  View/Download
 1630 Walter  Sir John W Sarsden   View/Download
 1731 Walter  Sir Robert W Sarsden   View/Download
 1667 Wansell Edmond W Sarsden   View/Download
 1667 Wansell Edmond I Sarsden   View/Download
 1626 Washington John W Sarsden   View/Download
 1669 Watts Joan Admin Sarsden   View/Download
 1669 Watts Joan I Sarsden   View/Download
 1669 Watts Joane Bd Sarsden  View/Download
 1711 Whatcott Francis Bd Churchill  View/Download
 1711 Whatcott Francis Admin Churchill  View/Download
 1711 Whatcott Francis W Churchill  View/Download
 1551 Whiteley Jone W Churchill  View/Download
 1621 Whiteley William W Churchill  View/Download
 1604 Whiteley Agnes W Churchill  View/Download
 1593 Whiteley John W Churchill  View/Download
 1554 Wighthill Alyce W Churchill  View/Download
 1695 Wilkes John I Churchill  View/Download
 1695 Wilkes John W Churchill  View/Download
 1662 Wisdome Stephen Bd Sarsden  View/Download
 1662 Wisdome Stephen I Sarsden  View/Download
 1663 Wisdome Stephen Admin Sarsden  View/Download
 1636 Wisdome Edward W Sarsden  View/Download
 1662 Wisedome Stephen Acct Sarsden  View/Download
 1548 Yvye Joan W Sarsden  View/Download

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